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On Friday, Emily Chang of eHub posted about Crowdstatus

A way to group together people and view their "status". Currently it only works for groups through twitter.


The Crowdstatus web service allows you to create "crowds" or groups of your twitter followers and put them all in one place to see their updates. Currently, the service is in alpha status and is looking to expand from Twitter to include social media networks such as Facebook statuses, Jaiku, and Seesmic.

You are required to sign up for the service before you can create a crowd. To create a crowd, you simply type in the name of the Twitter users that you’d like to add. However, it’s noted that the user must have a public twitter account.

To create another crowd simply click on the "My Crowds" link at the top of the page. Here you’ll also find more info on crowds you’ve already created such as the ability to manage these crowds, delete them, or grab their public link to share your crowds. Unfortunately, there’s no RSS for the public link, which would be a great way to get updates from a specific group or several groups when you don’t have time to check all of Twitter or if you would really like to keep tabs on a handful of people.

Fortunately you can create more than one crowd. There will be a possible future limit of up to 10 crowds per user and there is a limit of 100 users per crowd (see update at the bottom of this article).

User Interface

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This is a test crowd that the site allows you to view to see how it works. The interface is very nicely laid out and the design for each user you’ve added is well done. There’s no way to delete a user from a crowd in this view, which the red circle to the right of a user’s box would’ve been nice for. However, you can click the "follow me" link in the bottom right to view a user’s Twitter profile.

I’m hoping to see RSS integrated into the crowds in the future. Still, you have to admit that Crowdstatus does have a great visually appeal. Also, you have to manually refresh a "crowd" in order to get the next update, which (hopefully) will be more automatic in the future. You also cannot "tweet" from Crowdstatus, which can be a make or break deal for some.

Still, it’s another great visual app for twitter with a really cool feature! What are your thoughts on Crowdstatus? If you have a crowd made, don’t be shy about leaving a link to it in the comments!


The developer of Crowdstatus, Darren Stuart, was kind enough to respond to an email I’d sent him earlier to clear up some questions about Crowdstatus.

Turns out there’s no limit to the amount of crowds you can create, but this may change to a limit of 10 crowds per user as the service grows.

There is a limit of 100 people per crowd.

Here’s a little more from the email.

RSS for crowds is coming and I am also going to add an option for auto refreshing the page. I am also going to be adding a method for replying and tweeting directly from the site and lastly I am going to be adding private groups so people can add people who have private tweets on but for these features I will need to have peoples twitter details (email and password).

Honestly I have a ton of ideas for this but its just a matter of time. Also I have to decide whether to focus on getting twitter nailed or adding other statuses from sites like facebook.

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