Meme13 Lends A Helping Hand To Techmeme Newbies

Steven Hodson of WinExtra made an announcement today about Meme13 in a post titled "Tracking the Techmeme newcomers"

The Meme13 web service is a tracker that follows the Techmeme leaderboard and according to Steven Hodson’s article:

[…] mashes together the last 13 sites that made their first appearance on the Techmeme Leaderboard. You can read these sites by visiting Meme13 or subscribing to its feed, which contains the latest entries from all of them.

Though the service is in it’s beginning stage, its homepage could use a serious makeover. I also noticed, and Marshall Kirkpatrick pointed out in Hodson’s article, that it’s showing full posts. This was a hot topic just last week and it’s still creating quite a buzz. Meme13 would be best advised to change this format quickly before they get swept up in the issue too!

On the other hand, the service is a great concept and a really generous way to help out up and coming bloggers and their content. Sometimes, even if you do make Techmeme, your story could go unnoticed with all the news that’s constantly flowing through it.

So Kudos to Rogers Cadenhead for launching the Meme13 service and for helping out the "little guys" trying to make it big!

Be sure to check out Marshall Kirkpatrick’s article "Meme13 Tries and Fails to Solve the Techmeme Echo-Chamber Problem", which notes how Meme13 is also contributing to one of Techmeme’s biggest problems.

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