Twitter Question #1: Should You Have Multiple Blogs?

manage-multiple-blogs As blogs continue to take over the internet, you may have asked yourself is it worth starting multiple blogs. There are many reasons to do so including profit, branding, expertise, business, and much more than I could ever list. Should you have multiple blogs? Are you That really depends on what you want to do.

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Why Multiple Blogs

For personal use, multiple blogs are great for speaking about various topics that don’t overlap in audience.  Multiple blogs are also great for businesses with many markets or products. You may want to have a separate blog to digg deeper and more consistently into certain topics that may or may not be unrelated to your main blog. These are great reasons to have multiple blogs. However, under no circumstances should you have multiple blogs just because the tools are there for you to do it without a purpose, an audience, and a vision.

When making a decision about whether you should start multiple blogs for personal use, I ask you to consider the following first. What type of blogger are you?

  • A full-time blogger
  • A part-time blogger

Made a decision? Great.

Good news! You’re the right type of blogger for starting multiple blogs! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what you should consider.

Managing Multiple Blogs As A Full-Time Blogger

Full-time bloggers can easily see the benefit in multiple blogs. These bloggers have a lot of stamina and passion for writing regularly. They’ve probably figured out a great blogging schedule to quality work output. In addition to a schedule, they may have a writing process in place to help their writing flow better.  This can make it very easy for full-time bloggers to not only start blogs, but keep them out. On the flip side, it can also make them prone to doing too much and saying very little. They can also experience the dreaded “bloggers burnout”. Writing takes a tool on everyone, even from the computer.

Managing Multiple Blogs As A Part-time Blogger

Part-time bloggers can benefit from having a blogging schedule in place also.  This will help you to manage and track how much content is going where. Help from a team of people or freelance friends would be of great benefit to keeping your blog updates consistent. I’d also recommend creating a backlog of articles for those days when you don’t have time to write. Scheduling articles can also make a difference in the amount of work required.

Watch Out!

All in all, starting multiple blogs can be a great avenue of new income, new opportunities, and new communities.  Just be careful not to spread yourself thin. Do what feels best for your workflow. Remember, you can always adjust the speed managing multiple blogs accordingly. Your readers will understand if you have other plans. However, if you can make a minimum commitment of 2 -3 posts a week for a single blog, I see no reason to start another.

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