Social Media Lesson: Create And Share Your Twitter Lists!

4 Earlier this month I reported on Twitter’s launch of a new feature, Twitter lists. Initially this was being rolled out in testing phases, but recently more tweeters are reporting their lists have been activate on their account. Twitter lists is a new way to group your Twitter followers. You can even add people that you don’t want to follow to a Twitter list. I listed 5 effective ways to use Twitter lists to your advantage. Using Twitter lists, you can keep track of a host of people you follow on Twitter including:

  • Clients
  • Brands (and their Twitter accounts)
  • Bloggers
  • Industry Experts
  • Hashtagged Events

Note: Not everyone may have Twitter Lists enabled. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait for Twitter to roll it out to your account. If so, bookmark this post for later.

Creating Public Lists for Visitors

So how do you create a list. If you want to list the people you’re following, simply head to their Twitter profile and you should see the following (see image below):


  • Hit the new list icon and add anyone to an existing list or a new list on the fly.
  • When creating a new list you can also do a search for Twitter users that you’d like to add.
  • Once your done, your lists will appear between your saved searches and twitter trend sidebar options.

To share a list:

  • Open the list you’d like to share. Double check the URL for your list. It should be in this format:


  • Use a URL shortener or bookmarklet to share your lists with others.
  • Or you could just do a good old copy-and-paste.

6 Resourceful Twitter Lists (Add Yours!)

Not only can you track your followers, but you can also follow the lists of your friends and others in the Twitter community. My list suggestions were only the beginning of the opportunities for you to better organize your Twitter world with lists. I’d love to hear what lists you’ve created and even the ones you’ve started following.

While, I do have private lists for work, I’ve created a few public lists and you’re more than welcome to recommend people that I should add to these list or follow them:

  • Tech, Gadgets, & Mobile Twitter List
  • Social Media Twitter List

I’m still updating these lists, so if you have a recommendation for me to add leave a comment on this post. In the meantime, I’ve also started following a few list creations from my followers. Lists that I’m following made by you include:

  • From @Scobleizer: Tech News People Twitter List (200 People)
  • From @JeffisaGeek: The Social Geeks  Twitter List (5 People)
  • From @EricaJoy: Blacks In Tech Twitter List (21 People)
  • From @_Antonella_: Fierce and Smart Women Twitter List (17 People)

Share Your Twitter Lists

So what’s your latest creation? Who do you find value in on Twitter? Show off your Twitter lists in the comments below!

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